What to Remember When You Tucked in Your T-Shirts

What to Remember When You Tucked in Your T-Shirts

While some think the style is nerdy or seems like a fashion suited for dads, tucked T-shirt isn’t impossible to be pulled off. All you have to do is to stick with the style-based rules and you can be assured that you will stay on the right path.

Keep Your Shirt Simple

The challenge that usually comes when you’re wearing T-shirt tucked in is when to make people forget regarding the fact that your shirt is tucked in. The solution for this is to keep your shirt design unimposing and simple. Your main goal is to bring your shirt over to your background. Minimal style must enable the rest of your wardrobe catch people’s attention. This only means that your shirt must not have any text, fancy design or pattern. It must have a single color and should be strategically chosen. It is the first step to take so you could get people judge you through the entire outfit, rather than the fact that you have tucked in shirt.

Always Make It the Right Fit

Everybody knows how huge fit is as a factor in any kind of clothing. Remember that anything that fits your body very tight would work against you. And it will be a bigger problem once you chose tuck in your shirt. It just means that less air will come in between the fabric and your torso. It accentuates W-shaped outline on your chest. Therefore, there is a balance you have to strike. The best fit means the T-shirt complements your type of body, yet does not press on it like the glove of your surgeon. Slight looseness is the key. That is how you will be able to come off as stylish in comparison to military-like or nerdy. It could be tough to find the shirt with that type of middle ground. Maybe there is no official size suited for you. That is where you need to consider the jeans’ fabric. A heavier type of fabric could make a one-sized shirt better than another.

Choose Trousers and Belt That Complement Your Shirt

You could be a bit reluctant regarding this. So, why would you like your belt stand out? Either your belt will stress that fact or will show off your sense of style. Your belt should be the ideal partner color-wise. It should tell people that you are making a good style statement. Therefore, make sure to refer once again the color wheel. 

Keep Your Style Casual

The more casual your look is, the better the results will be. Since tucked in shirt will be viewed as more proper and stiff, you would want the other details more relaxed to nullify formal vibe. When it is nullified, there is no awkwardness. It is just about being edgy while knowledgeable of your limits. You do not like your colleagues, loved ones or friends turned off by your unorthodox shirt style. You like them to be impressed by your own originality while you are still being yourself.