Top 3 Reasons to Get a Swimming Pool Cover

Why is a swimming pool cover a great investment for every pool owner? Here are three reasons why every owner of a pool should get a cover.

Reason No. 1 – Minimize the Exposure to Sunlight

By reducing the exposure to sunlight, you protect the pool from algal growth. This will save you from further troubles because of the damage that algae can bring to your swimming pool.

Algae are very dangerous for your pool because it can make the floor slippery. This increases the risk of a possible injury. To flourish, algae require sunlight. By preventing exposure to sunlight, you prevent the pool from being inhabited by fungal growth. Although a pool cleaner will keep your pool clean and get rid of algae, you want to minimize your work by preventing the algae from growing in the first place.

Reason No. 2 – Heating Up the Water

A cover can provide you with the extra 6 months of swimming. This is can only be possible when your water is warm enough for swimming. The best swimming pool cover to use for this purpose is a solar blanket.

To make use of your pool even when it is cold, you can use a solar heating cover. You do not have to confine enjoying the pool within the summer season. You can now enjoy the warm water with the use of solar heating pool cover. This is very important if you have a workout program requiring the use of the pool. Most athletes and fitness experts require their swimming pool for flexibility improvement and overall fitness.

Reason No. 3 – Save Money from Chemicals by Keeping Balance in Your Water

When you leave the pool uncovered, it is exposed to sunlight. The water will start to evaporate when it is left uncovered. This disrupts the balance in your chemicals. Because the water starts to evaporate, the chemicals are left behind and this makes the chemicals more concentrated in the water. This makes the water unsuitable for swimming. To rectify the problem, the owner needs to do some chemical correction.
As a solution, you need to cover your pool to maintain the level of water. This saves you money and the headache.


To conclude, a cover is indeed a great investment with the three reasons stated above. Hence, get one now and save yourself the trouble of maintaining the pool during the colder months. This move will also save you a lot of money.

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The Best Upgrade to Consider for Your Swimming Pool Renovation

It is not an easy task to renovate one’s swimming pool. Making this decision requires the necessary knowledge and the effort to do your research about the little details of the project. But with the advancements in the swimming pool technology today, the renovations that you would make are probably worth your effort and money. In this piece of information, learn one of the best upgrades you need to take into account with your swimming pool renovation.

Many people settle with their current and almost dilapidated swimming pool because of the lack of information. But homeowners can convert their troublesome and old swimming pools into a new and renovated pool with the amenities at a reasonable price. This will also save them the risk of having an accident prone pool. The answer is to receive as much adequate information as possible regarding pool renovation.

Here is one upgrade to consider for the renovation of your water facility that will significantly improve the value of your pool:

Fiber Optic and Color LED Pool Lights

If you want to dramatically upgrade the visual effect of your pool, the best move is to add fiber optic and color LED lighting. This is one upgrade that will improve the visual effect of the swimming pool.

There is a budding trend in landscape and pool night lighting all over the planet. This is through heating up the swimming pools with the use of color LED and fiber optic lighting. These lights can be inserted directly into the floor or wall of one’s pool, which will allow the entire body of water to glow with different lights. With a wide array of neon colors, your pool will be a vision of delight.

With the use of LED lights and fiber optic, the lights will enhance the overall value of the pool and encourage homeowners and guests to swim in their back yards during night time. In addition, the lights will also serve as a dynamic backdrop for events and gatherings.

Along the bottom of the pool, you can install fiber optic star lights. You can also add these lights to the wall of a waterfall with effects. With the shift in color, one can see the visual display and this can be a perfect place for a romantic swim.

In ending, adding fiber optics and LED lights to your swimming pool can bring your place to a whole new level. It will truly change your nightlife and create a name for you as a brilliant host for events. Indeed, it is one of the best moves worth considering.

Solar Blankets for Your Swimming Pool

Are solar pool covers really effective? Many people stand by the statement that solar pool covers do really work under the right conditions. The purpose of solar pool covers or solar blankets is to transfer the heat to the water in your swimming pool to keep it warm during cold weather or during at night. Learn more about owning a solar pool cover in this information and understand why it is a good move.

As stated above, the conditions have to be right for the solar blanket to work effectively. These solar pool covers absorb sunlight and the heat absorbed is transferred to the water in the swimming pool. This will keep the water warm, which is great for night swimming.

The solar blankets are designed to absorb maximum sunlight. It is tinted blue and has air pockets to absorb heat effectively. For the optimum benefit from solar pool covers, the pool should be exposed to at least 5 hours of sunlight every day. The water will heat up as much as 1 degree after 5 hours of exposure. With continuous exposure to sunlight, the water will continuously be heated every single day.

During the night when the water is cool, solar blankets are effective in trapping the heat in the water. This keeps the water warm during the night. This is great because it does not only keep the heat within the water but also prevents the pool chemicals from evaporating.

But not every owner of swimming pool has a solar pool cover. This is either because people do not have a clue of the benefits of these solar covers or they do not want to add more chores to their pool maintenance. For most people, cleaning the pool is a chore in itself and this can be a challenging task in itself. Adding more tasks with the solar cover makes the chore more difficult.

In this time of austerity, however, it is best to save the money intended for heating the water in your swimming pool. To save costs on pool heating, it is best to use the solar covers instead.

Fortunately, there are solar cover reels that make the job easier. There is an automatic reel model available in most hardware or pool accessory shops that you can hook up to a water hose. With this device, you will have minimal work. This investment on a solar cover and reel is worth every cent with the savings you will have from the pool heating costs.

What to Remember When You Tucked in Your T-Shirts

What to Remember When You Tucked in Your T-Shirts

While some think the style is nerdy or seems like a fashion suited for dads, tucked T-shirt isn’t impossible to be pulled off. All you have to do is to stick with the style-based rules and you can be assured that you will stay on the right path.

Keep Your Shirt Simple

The challenge that usually comes when you’re wearing T-shirt tucked in is when to make people forget regarding the fact that your shirt is tucked in. The solution for this is to keep your shirt design unimposing and simple. Your main goal is to bring your shirt over to your background. Minimal style must enable the rest of your wardrobe catch people’s attention. This only means that your shirt must not have any text, fancy design or pattern. It must have a single color and should be strategically chosen. It is the first step to take so you could get people judge you through the entire outfit, rather than the fact that you have tucked in shirt.

Always Make It the Right Fit

Everybody knows how huge fit is as a factor in any kind of clothing. Remember that anything that fits your body very tight would work against you. And it will be a bigger problem once you chose tuck in your shirt. It just means that less air will come in between the fabric and your torso. It accentuates W-shaped outline on your chest. Therefore, there is a balance you have to strike. The best fit means the T-shirt complements your type of body, yet does not press on it like the glove of your surgeon. Slight looseness is the key. That is how you will be able to come off as stylish in comparison to military-like or nerdy. It could be tough to find the shirt with that type of middle ground. Maybe there is no official size suited for you. That is where you need to consider the jeans’ fabric. A heavier type of fabric could make a one-sized shirt better than another.

Choose Trousers and Belt That Complement Your Shirt

You could be a bit reluctant regarding this. So, why would you like your belt stand out? Either your belt will stress that fact or will show off your sense of style. Your belt should be the ideal partner color-wise. It should tell people that you are making a good style statement. Therefore, make sure to refer once again the color wheel. 

Keep Your Style Casual

The more casual your look is, the better the results will be. Since tucked in shirt will be viewed as more proper and stiff, you would want the other details more relaxed to nullify formal vibe. When it is nullified, there is no awkwardness. It is just about being edgy while knowledgeable of your limits. You do not like your colleagues, loved ones or friends turned off by your unorthodox shirt style. You like them to be impressed by your own originality while you are still being yourself.